Excavate without delay and in a safer way.

Discovering artefacts and maintaining conservations are the everyday tasks involved in this industry.

All of which are usually applied in the outdoors.

Excavation sites are usually blanketed over with tarpaulins but are never truly protected from the elements.

Trenches and large dugouts can become hard to traverse and work on. Designed for your needs the rollaway can be utilised as a ladder or set of folding steps to assist workers in getting up, down and around the worksite.

Bank ladder
Ancient ruins


There is a selection of applications that The Rollaway can be used for in this sector, these include:

  • Conservation and Preservation of landmarks
  • Excavation of artefacts
  • Photography
  • Site formation
  • Field walking
  • Surveying

Why choose The Rollaway?

luggage bags to show portability


Lightweight, easy to roll up and transport to different worksites. Deployment is super-fast enabling your workforce to complete tasks quicker.

Swiss army knife to show versatility


Can be rolled out onto various terrains, flat, bumpy, inclines, declines and dismantled in a matter of seconds.

Shield to show durability


Manufactured using our strongest and most reliable EPDM rubber that can withstand the harshest conditions and is made to last.

Warning sign to show preventability


A cost-effective alternative that reduces the risk to your workforce suffering from slips, trips, and falls.

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