Oil & Gas

Offer protection to workers in adverse conditions.

Excessive drilling for oil and other fossil fuels, creates many holes and lumps in the ground and makes for an unsafe working environment. Workers could trip or fall over these uneven surfaces or even slip on the oil.

Oil rigs and various other oil refinery apparatuses can become hazardous and slippery during thunderstorms and treacherous conditions. These jobs are naturally dangerous which is why heatlh and safety committees are always looking for new ways to keep their staff safe whilst working on the job. The Rollaway will offer you a safe passage throughout the worksite it is equipped with nonslip rubber steps that can help mitigate any injury.

Bank ladder
gas plant


Use the Rollaway for various oil and gas applications like:

  • Drilling
  • Exploration
  • Transporting
  • Storage

Why choose The Rollaway?

luggage bags to show portability


Lightweight, easy to roll up and transport to different worksites. Deployment is super-fast enabling your workforce to complete tasks quicker.

Swiss army knife to show versatility


Can be rolled out onto various terrains, flat, bumpy, inclines, declines and dismantled in a matter of seconds.

Shield to show durability


Manufactured using our strongest and most reliable EPDM rubber that can withstand the harshest conditions and is made to last.

Warning sign to show preventability


A cost-effective alternative that reduces the risk to your workforce suffering from slips, trips, and falls.

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